Objectives of Society

  1. To promote facilities for social and economic betterment of its members through self help and mutual aid in accordance with the Cooperative principles specified in first schedule of the Act.
  2. To undertake purchase, sale and supply of agricultural products, cultivate, marketing and processing requisites, such as manure, seeds, fertilizer, agricultural implements and machinery, packing machinery, construction requisites, processing machinery for agricultural commodities, forest produce, fishery, dairy, poultry, wool and other animal products;.
  3. To facilitate, coordinate, promote and engage in animal Husbandry, Dairy, Fisheries and agriculture.
  4. To set up storage units for storing various agricultural commodities and goods.
  5. To own, lease or to take on rent a cold store for providing storage facility to its members
  6. To facilitate, coordinate and promote the marketing and trading activities of the cooperative institutions in agricultural and other commodities, articles and goods;
  7. To maintain transport units of its own or in collaboration with any other organization for movement of agriculture goods.
  8. To act as warehouseman under the Warehousing scheme and own and construct its own godowns and cold storages to provide facilities to its members.
  9. To organize consultancy work in agricultural fields for the benefit of the members/cooperative institutions in general and for its members in particular;
  10. To arrange for the training of employees/farmers of marketing/processing/supply cooperative societies
  11. To undertake grading, packing and standardization of agricultural produce and other articles;
  12. To organize conferences convenience training seminars, workshops and working group discussions related to Co-operative Society and Managements etc
  13. To take up programs for accelerating the pace of rural development with application of science and technology (techniques and technologies for cost reduction, improving productivity, etc.) in the filed of greenhouse cultivation, water conservation, energy conservation, sanitation, rural housing, township, housing with modern amenities, community centers and development of related infrastructural facilities such as housing plots, site development, roads, parks, sewerage and drainage systems, water supply etc.
  14. Setting up, modernize/renovate, expansion of small and medium size hotels, guest houses, restaurants, canteens, restrooms, washrooms, public utilities, eco-friendly parks, recreation facilities and other tourism related infrastructure facilities.
  15. To establish and maintain websites, domain names, email accounts and web based interactive portals for promoting and furthering the aims and objectives and conducting the affairs and business of society, and its members, in a manner that the same facilities real time outreach and ecommerce.