Greenhouse (Protected) Cultivation Technology is the technique of providing favorable environment condition to the plants in a controlled atmosphere. It is also of vital importance to create an ideal micro climate around the plants, and is used to protect the plants from the adverse climatic conditions such as wind, cold, precipitation, excessive radiation, extreme temperature, insects and diseases. The productions of vegetable crops are to be increased to meet the demand of the ever growing population otherwise per capita availability of vegetables will further go down. There is lot of pressure on cultivable land caused due to industrialization, urbanization and expansion of the rural villages.

The UniqueSMCS society is planning to adopt the Greenhouse (Protected) Cultivation Technology in about 5000-15000 acres in a period 3-5 years to cultivate Vegetables and Flowers. For which, the UniqueSMCS society envisages technology tie-up with a leading Dutch company, which has proven technology, expertise and experience in Greenhouse (Protected) Cultivation Technology, and for which discussions are already in advance stages.

UniqueSMCS society has already bought 300 acres of prime land on the out skirts of Ahmedabad City, in Gujarat. Out of which the UniqueSMCS society will reserve 50 acres for a Pilot Project for Greenhouse (Protected) Cultivation. The main objective behind this large land acquisition is to construct Greenhouses in an area of 100 square yards for each farmer. The capacity of this pilot project development would be to build around 2400 Greenhouses (one Greenhouse per 100 square yards), which would be allotted to the members of the Society.

UniqueSMCS society has engaged expert consultants to shortlist the optimum Greenhouse structure that is most suited to suit Indian conditions, as well as has low set-up costs and eases of fabrication. In addition, a subsidiary institution of UniqueSMCS society may be set-up for marketing of the agricultural produce grown by this community, which would then be responsible for the logistics and sale of such commodities through safe and secure distribution channels.

Training & development

Over 8000 member of UniqueSMCS society are agriculturists, many of whom are qualified graduates, interested in spreading the cooperative education within their own communities, as well as outside their own communities. Their services are being enrolled by UniqueSMCS society to conduct educational seminars, enrolling new members, conducting induction program, conducting workshops and conferences, attending and conducting fair’s on behalf of UniqueSMCS society