Stansport Replacement Lantern Wicks - 5 Pack

Stansport Replacement Lantern Wicks - 5 Pack

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Keep an extra glass globe on hand in case of breakage with Standard lamp oil #130. About the Stansport 7.5 inch Hurricane Lantern: Nothing compares to the soft light and rustic charm of a kerosene lantern. There is a reason that this product endures; it works! Our lantern is durable and simple, with a large glass globe and a fully adjustable wick. It has a strong metal construction and measures 8 inch in height.

Stansport Replacement Glass Globe for Small Hurricane Lantern

Stansport Lantern Wicks 6”x 1/2”🔥 (LOT-7) 35 Wicks Total. SEE DESCRIPTION

Stansport - Gears Brands

Fits Stansport Hurricane Lanterns Models #127-900. Cotton Wicks 6in x. 5in.

New Stansport Lantern Wicks Replacement 5pc Sealed Pack Camping Emergency

Own the classic look of a gas lantern with the convenience and safety of an LED. Our 9 LED lantern combines an advanced LED light in a classic oil lantern design. A wide-ranging dimmer switch allows for mood lighting or up to 250 Lumens of high intensity lighting. Powered by 4 AA batteries, the LED Lantern runs up to 96 hours on low and up to 48 hours on high.

Stansport 12 in. Kerosene Lantern, Red

DNRVK Vintage Large Oil Lamp Hanging Glass Kerosene

1 Gallon Paraffin Lamp Oil - Clear Smokeless, Nigeria

Lantern Candles 3 Pack Stansport's Lantern Candles burn for 5-6 hours per candle. These candles will fit in Stansport's Candle Lantern #227 and most

Lantern Candles - 3 Pack


Stansport 130 Replacement Lantern Wicks - 5 Pack