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Cord Lock

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Plastic Cord Locks Stopper Toggle Clasps For Mask Lanyard - Temu

Round 2-hole Cord Lock Stopper Toggles 13x15mm

Package Include: Pack of 10/20/50/100 cord locks; Hole Diameter: 7mm x 10mm / 0.27 x 0.4,Please pay attention to the size of the picture, so as not

DYZD Single Hole Cord Lock Plastic Spring Toggle Stopper Cord Rope End for Drawstrings, Paracord (Black,10 PCS)

AXEN Plastic Cord Locks, Fastener Toggles for Shoelaces, Drawstrings, Paracord, Bags, Clothing, and More

Wheeled Cord Lock

Black - Cord Lock Square Plastic - 17 x 9 mm

Ready to tie up some loose ends? These ball shape end stoppers are the perfect toggle fasteners to replace or add to your various drawstring, cord or

Adjustable Cord Lock - Round Ball Style - Single Hole End Toggle for DIY Projects (2135-4001)

Cord locks have a wide variety of uses like adjusting drawstrings on bags and packs, creating and forming loops in ropes and cords, and cinching up clothing such as hoods or waistbands. They can come in a huge range of shapes, sizes, and functions to accomplish different tasks. These Single-Slot Cylinder Cord Locks from Craft County are designed with a 5mm hole for various threads, cords, strings, or ropes to run through.

Paracord Planet Oval Cord Lock - Various Colors

Plastic Cord Lock w/Wheel 1/4 x 1 1/8 x 1 1/2 (5 – Paracord Galaxy

These Two Hole Detachable Cord Lock are a great addition to your projects, backpacks, luggage, lanyards, and small items!

Two Hole Detachable Cord Lock - Black

DRITZ-2 cord stops size 1-1/4 for drawstrings on garments and bags. Keeps cord ends from slipping into casings. Use for drawstring waistlines and hems, jackets, and bags. Washable and dry cleanable.

Dritz Cord Stops 1-1/4 2/Pkg Black

Ravenox Ellipse Cord Locks (Black) - 100 Pack - 4495250561

SGT KNOTS Crown Spring Cord Lock (14mm x 7mm x 28mm) Cordlock Stoppers for Drawstrings, Bags & More (10 Pack -100 Pack) : Arts, Crafts

SGT KNOTS Crown Spring Cord Lock (14mm x 7mm x 28mm) Cordlock Stoppers for Drawstrings, Bags & More (10 Pack -100 Pack)

Toaster Ellipse Cord Lock

P166 Cord Lock 3/16 Inch with 1/4 Inch Dual Slot – BuckleRus