Beeswax, Yellow Pellet for Candles, Ointment, More

Beeswax, Yellow Pellet for Candles, Ointment, More

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Pure organic natural yellow beeswax pellets that have been sourced from a certified organic supplier are ready for easy use in making lotion, soap, salves, decorative candles and as a safe replacement for glue in crafting. Save time with no messy clean up from having to grate it.

Wild Herb Yellow Beeswax is a natural wax formed by honey bees. The wax is discarded by the worker bees in or at the hive. The hive workers collect it and use it to form cells for honey storage. It becomes colored yellow from the pollen.

Our 100% pure natural yellow beeswax is in pellet form, which makes working with it easy. Save time with no messy clean up from having to grate it.

We are very proud to offer this high quality beeswax that is sourced from a certified organic supplier. Our beeswax never has a smoky scent. It is consistently of superior quality and always top grade. It has been left in its natural state and only filtered to remove impurities. No chemicals have been used and no additives. It will not change color when heated or mixed with other oils and butters.

Yellow Beeswax is excellent for use in bath and beauty products, as well as craft projects.

Perfect for making candles, lip balm, salves, lotion, cold process soap and more.

INCI: Beeswax

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Multifunctional uses of beeswax: 1. Beeswax can be made into beeswax candles. 2. It can be made into polish for wood, closet freshener, etc. 3. It can also be made into soap, lip balm, lipstick and other cosmetics. 4. After the beeswax particles are melted, it can also be used to care for hair, face, hands, etc.

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