Bakers Bench Knife

Bakers Bench Knife

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Bench & Dough Scraper

Lehman's Handcrafted Wooden Cooking Utensils - Solid

SOURTASTIC BENCH KNIFE - sourdough mania

SOURTASTIC BENCH KNIFE - sourdough mania

Dough Scraper : Professional Quality Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Bench

Grip - EZ - Chopper - Scrapper - red

Measures 6 x 4.38 x 0.75 Intended for cutting pastry dough and, pie crusts, and is a versatile tool for chopping any ingredients. Features a wide stainless steel blade which is securely fastened to the comfortable handle. Beautiful and comfortable contoured wood handle with a partial tang for strength. Hand wash and dry after use.

RSVP Endurance Bench Scraper

The best bench knife for your kitchen. Also known as a bench scraper or a dough scraper, this bench knife is a tried-and-true essential in our kitchens — it has both beauty and brawn.

King Arthur Baking - Bench Knife

Wood Bench Knife

Norpro, Red 583R Grip-EZ Bench Scraper/Chopper, 6in x

Bench Knife

Arts and Crafts Cabinet - Amish Direct Furniture